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GSTR3 - Monthly Return Filing

Once you complete you GSTR2, after the Due date for filing GSTR2 is complete, you can now start filing GSTR3. Choose the Tax Period for which you would like to file your return, this section will provide your following actions to file your GSTR3:

“Generate GSTR3” :
“Submit Liabilities and Interest” :
“Pay Tax, Liabilities and Interest” :
“Submit Refund Claim” :
“e-Sign and File GSTR3” : .


Generate GSTR 3

You need to Generate GSTR3 to inform the GSTN Server to compute the Tax liability using GSTR1 and GSTR2. This is a time consuming process and will give your results after 15 mins to 30 mins.


Submit Liabilities & Interest

This Action will get the GSTR3 Part A which is auto generated and will allow you to fill Part B.


Pay Tax, Liabilities and Interest

This Action will allow you to pay the Tax and other Liabilities like Interest, Late fee or penalties.


Submit Refund Claim

If you have more Cash balance pending after paying off all your taxes. Then you can ask for refund.


e-Sign & File GSTR 3

Once you finish your Submission you will need to Sign and file the GSTR3. GSTHero provides two options of signing.
“Aadhar e-Sign” : Here you will need the Aadhar number regsitered with GSTN to e-Sign the JSON Payload. You will receive an OTP on the registered Mobile number with Aadhar.
“DSC (Digital Signature)” : Here you will need the DSC dongle attached to your computer to Sign the JSON payload beofre sending it to the server.
Filing the return with any of the above two options will ensure that the Authorized party is filing the return to GSTN.