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Register on GSTHero as Tax Return Preparer

If you are Practice owner and would like to carry out your GST return filing practice using GSTHero. You can start by Registering on GSTHero portal as a Tax Return Preparer (CA/ TC). The Registration Process can be completed by providing your following details:
1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. Mobile Number
4. Email Address
5. Password : Here you will enter your password twice just to ensure you are typing your correct password.

NOTE : You will receive an email from to Verify your email address and to Acticate your account. Please click on the Verify button in your email.


Change Settings on

Before we setup your Practice on GSTHero, if you are a GST Registered Practioner, then you will need to change the below mentioned settings on, else you can go directly to Step 3. To do the GST portal settings follow the following Steps:
Step A. Login to the GST portal using your username and password.
Step B. After successful login, on the top right hand corner you will find a drop down menu. Click on My Profile under the Menu.
Step C. On My profile Page, on left hand side you will find Quick Links. Click on Manage API Access link.
Under Manager API Access, do the following Settings:
i. “Manage API Access” : Enable API Request to “YES”.
ii. “Duration” : Change the Duration to 30 days.


Login to

After Successful TRP Registration and changing the Settings on portal if you are GST registered, we can now continue to setup the your practice. On website click on the Login Menu. You will now need to Login with the email id and password you had set during TRP registration.

Forgot Password: If you have forgotten your password, then click on the “I Forgot My Password” Link on the Login Page. You will be asked for the email address where you will receive the password reset link. Click on the link you receive in your email and change to your required password.


Practice Setup Process - Step 1. Practice Details

This is the first Step towards Setting up your Practice. You will have to Provide your Practice / Business Details here.
1. “Business / Practice Name”
2. “Unit Name / Display Name” : if you carry out Single practice from Multiple Locations and would like to identify your practices based on the Unit name, you can provide such details here.
3. “Business PAN Number”
4. “Constitution of Business”
5. “Choose if GST Registered or not” : If you are not GST resgitered, please choose to Non Regsitered option and Continue. You will be taken directly to Step 4 of the Practice Setup Process.
6. “Taxpayer Type” : Are your a Regular, Composite, TDS, TCS, NRI or other type of Taxpayer?
7. “City”


Practice Setup Process - Step 2. GSTIN Details

After you have provided your Business /Practice Details, you will come to this section only if you area GST registered Practioner. Here you will need to provide the following Details:

1. “ Portal Login Username” : This is the same username you use while logging on to portal.
2. “GSTIN Number” : This is the GSTIN Number provided to you by GST.
3. “ Registered Mobile Number” : You will have to provide the same Mobile Number registered with GST to receive the OTP.
4. “Authenticate Now / Authenticate Later” : If you have the registered Mobile number handy with you, you can Authenticate Now, if you dont have easy access to OTP then you can choose to Authenticate later.
NOTE : If you Authenticate now, you will have to Generate OTP and fill in the received OTP to continue.


Practice Setup Process - Choose Subscription

After completing your GSTIN Setup, you will be provided with Subscription options, You can choose to Pay Monthly or Annually.

1. “Monthly Subscription” : Here you can pay only monthly basis, but the option is available only for Credit Card based Payments.
2. “Annual Subscription” : Here you pay annually advance, and you can pay using Credit Crad, Debit Card as well as via net banking.


Practice Setup Process - Add Team Members

As you are running your Practice, you can now invite as many Team Members to join your Practice and help you with your GST return filing process. You can also provide them with different Access rights for every clients. You will need to provide the following Details to Invite the Team Member:

1. “First Name”
2. “Last Name”
3. “Team Designation” : You can provide designation to Team Members to set your Practice Structure.
4. “Mobile Number”
5. “Email Address” : Enter the email where your Team Member will receive an invitation to join your Practice.
NOTE : Once the Team Members click on Accept Invitation they received in their email, they will have to register on GSTHero portal as a user to gain access to your practice.