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Updated on February 2nd, 2024

In today’s revolutionary digital world, businesses adapt to the new technologies that facilitate a smooth business workflow and save their expenses. Digital signing solution is need now days because more business working remotely.

One such revolutionary concept is the digital signing services in India .

Although electronic signatures are not very new to the market, Digital Signatures are the latest advancements in the electronic signatures realm.

In short, Digital Signatures are advanced & more secured electronic signatures.

In this article, we will submit before you some of the essential details about the Digital Signature and help you choose the best Digital Signing solution for your business and your personal use.

Digital Signing Solution For Your Business - In Brief

What is a digital signature?

  • A Digital Signature is a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based digital certificate which authenticates the identity of the person signing the document.
  • Digital signatures are secured and ensure that the documents signed with Digital Signatures have not been forged or tampered with.
  • This confirms the authenticity of the document and makes it easy to circulate the document online without worrying about any tampering with the document's content.

Is there a difference between the electronic Signature and digital Signature?

Electronic Signature

  • An electronic signature is any digital mark that you put on your document electronically.
  • For example, you scan your handwritten Signature and upload it to any of your college admission forms, which means that you have electronically signed your exam form. This is a type of electronic Signature.
  • Digital Signature

  • Digital Signature is a subset of the electronic signature domain.
  • Digital signatures are the most secure e-signatures that offer a higher level of security & authenticity.
  • Digital Signatures are secured and have robust security and authentication mechanisms backed by encryptions, hashing algorithms, etc.
  • Digital signatures are authenticated by a Certifying authority which confirms the identity of the party signing the document.
  • What is the legal status of Digital Signatures in India?

  • Coming to the most crucial point, the legal status of the Digital Signatures in India.
  • Digital Signatures are legally binding in India and are approved & valid according to the Information Technology Act, 2000.
  •  Businesses should use Digital Signatures without any worries.
  • Digitally Signing PDF with a Digital Signing solution

    • Choosing a digital signing solution like GSTHero Safesign is the best way to digitally sign all your business documents.
    • Opting for a Digital Signing solution over Digital Signature Certificate eliminates the efforts required for e-KYC from the Certified Authority (C.A).
    • Using a digital Signing Services eliminates the document work to a greater extent.
    • All you need to do is get a subscription to the Digital signing software and  digitally sign multiple PDF documents.
    • You can choose to buy the digital signing solution from any authorized provider like GSTHero.
    • Digital Signing Solutions like GSTHero’s SafeSign will help businesses save their business time & effectively & securely sign all their documents in a single click.
    • Digitally sign multiple PDF documents can be quickly signed, and the businesses are NOT required to apply for the Digital Signature Certificate individually.
    • All the compliance issues will be taken care of by the ‘Digital Signing Solution’ provider.

    How to validate Digital Signature in PDF?

    digital signature software

    Most of the critical paperwork that goes around the business world is found in PDF format.

    There are many instances when the taxpayers will come across this standard error 'Signature not Verified’.

    This error occurs even if your Digital Signing solution is active.

    Making few changes in the Adobe Acrobat settings can fix this error in no time.

    In this thread of the article, we will submit to you a simple fix for this error so that you can carry out your signing process seamlessly!

    To understand more on How to validate Signature in PDF, follow the steps shown below:

    List of Steps

    Step 1: Open the PDF to be signed in the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

    digital signing pdf

    Step 2: Click on the ‘Edit’ option of the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and choose the ‘Preferences’ option from the drop-down

    how to validate signature in pdf

    Step 3: Clicking on the ‘Preferences’ option will open a dialogue box with multiple options. This dialogue box shall look as follows

    validate signature in pdf

    Now, In the ‘Verification’ section, click on the ‘More’ button.

    You will see multiple options as follows:

    how to verify signature in pdf

    All you have to do is UNCHECK a box from this page, as highlighted in the image above.

    Uncheck the box corresponding to ‘Require certificate revocation checking to succeed whenever possible during signature verification’ action.

    how to verify digital signature in pdf

    Click on the 'OK’ button to save the changes.

    Step 4: After saving the changes as prescribed above, open the PDF with the ‘Signature Not Verified’ error

    After saving the changes as prescribed above, open the PDF with the ‘Signature Not Verified’ error.

    Now, click on the digital Signature, which shows the error.

    As soon as you click on the Signature, you will see a green tick that will now say 'Signature Valid’.

    how to verify signature on pdf

    Using these simple steps, you can quickly validate digital signatures in PDF documents.

    Digital signing of documents | Benefits to my business

    Having a user-friendly digital signing solution helps your business save on business time and help you keep the business's workflow uninterrupted by cutting down the turnaround time of a document for signatures. Digital signature services & solution is very helpful for small business.

    Let us offer you some lucrative benefits that your business can have with a Digital Signing software like GSTHero SafeSign:

    1.Tampering proof, keeping document data secured!

    • Tamper-free documents’ is the highlighting feature of the ‘Digital Signature’ technology.
    • Digital Signature is encrypted and is very difficult to tamper with.
    • This feature makes the document maintain the authenticity of the document and the contents in it.

    2.Improves authenticity of the document

    • Digital Signatures are certified by the ‘Certifying Authorities' (in case of GSTHero SafeSign, GSTHero will be the Certifying Authority); hence, the receiver of the digitally signed document does not need to worry about the document-forging.
    • Non-repudiation’ of the documents ensures that the party receiving the contract or document which have digital signatures on them cannot deny the authenticity of these documents.

    3.Time & Cost-effective way

    • This characteristic is essential for businesses as well as individuals using digital signatures.
    • Once you start using a digital signing solution to sign all your documents online, you'll save a big chunk of business time that earlier went into posting the documents or faxing the documents from one place to another.
    • And yes, the money you will save by cutting off these mid-processes is the cherry on the top!

    4.Say goodbye to maintaining the bulk of physical documents

    • The world is going paperless, and so should your business!
    • Gone are the days when bundles of paper were required to store in the corners of the offices.
    • Now, as the businesses are taking their operations online, it is easy for them to keep a digital form of the documents.
    • Digital signing facilitates the paperless business set-up by signing the documents online from any corner of the world.
    • Just embed the Signature on the paper at your customized location on the document, and it's done! The document is now good to go!

    In a nutshell..

    In this way, the Digital Signing solution will streamline the entire document signing process for you and allow you to keep a digital trail of all the documents you have signed.

    This will also make the document signing more accessible and easy irrespective of the geographical location of either of the parties.


    GSTHero SafeSign offers you the following features:

    • Military-grade security protects the confidentiality of your data.
    • Smooth integration with your existing ERP and CRM systems
    • Choose between the dongle-based & the server-based digital Signature
    • GSTHero is a Government-appointed GST Suvidha Provider. Hence, SafeSign is entirely compliant with all the GST laws and can be easily used to digitally sign PDF documents & upload them on the GST portal or other government portal.
    • Suitable for all types of businesses. Be it a large enterprise or a small floral stall, all kinds of companies can easily use it to validate Signature in PDF online.
    • Individuals can use digital Signatures for any document authentication process.
    • Digitally signs your PDF documents without changing the orientation of the original document.

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