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100% compliance + 100% reliability


GSTHero™ Highlights

Invoice Value Processed

Rs. 5,09,800 cr

Invoices Submitted


GSTR-1 returns filed


GSTINs filed


GSTHero™ API Benefits

  • ISO-27001 certified plus no audit required
  • Easy APIs for quick site-to-site integration
  • Data validated & notified to customers
  • Ready subscription & recharge mechanism for your customers
  • No third-party dependency for compliance
  • New API versions and upgrades automatically synced with GSTN
  • On-call dedicated support team

"We find GSTHero very cost effective and implementation is really fast. We have completely stopped manual E-Way Bill generation which took around 10 minutes and now raise E-Way Bills in just 2-3 seconds only."

Umesh Kulkarni

Kalyani Group

GSTHero™ API Features

GSTIN Validation


Access GSTIN validation and for more than 50 other required checkpoints

Data Privacy


Provides end-to-end data encryption for 100% secured user environment

API Report & Metering


Real-time report of API usage for GST returns and E-Way Bill

99% API Uptime


Highest up-time and sound API support while accessing API services of GSTHero.

Value Added API's


SMS, email and other notifications to the respective parties involved in the trade through APIs.

Easy ERP Integration


Smooth integration with Tally, Sap, Busy, Marg and other ERPs.

Why GSTHero is the right tool for your business

Govt. Appointed GSP-ASP

Perennial Systems is a Government of India appointed GST Suvidha Provider (GSP). GSTHero is our API service to provide ERP integration.


Secured Compliance for ASP's and ERP's

GSTHero provides an intelligent, secured and up-to-date GST, e-Invoice and e-Way Bill API Solution for application service provider (ASP) companies in India


Provide your own compliance with GSTHero API's

Integrate our GST API within your accounting/ERP Software and start providing your own GST Compliance Service.

Companies powered by GSTHero


What is the role of GST Suvidha Provider?

The GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) and Application Service Provider (ASP) like GSTHero provides simple and intuitive solutions to the Tax Payers, Businesses, CA's in India to interact with GSTN (GST Network) right from the time of registration, uploading sales/purchase invoices to the GST Return Filing.

GST Suvidha Provider (GST) also acts like a facilitator for businesses in India to comply with laws and provisions mentioned in GST Regime.

Businesses are expected to file almost 37 GST returns in a year. So the tax payer needs to keep track of all the information of sales/purchase invoices in GSTN supported format. GSTHero welcomes ASP's like you to help tax payer by providing easy and custom GST compliance solution.

Frequently Asked Questions on GST Suvidha Provider

What makes GSTHero the best GSP Solution?

GSTHero is hands down the best GSP Solution out there, here are a few reasons why we believe that-

  1. Authorized by the government- GSTHero is an authorized GSP, thus is always 100% compliant with the constantly changing trends of the GST regime.
  2.  Zero involvements of any third parties, thus ensuring data security & privacy. GSTHero is an ISO Certificate holder.
  3. Integration with all ERPs- Tally, SAP, Marg, Oracle, Microsoft dynamic, & other customs ERPs as well & Smart Cloud Solution
  4. Performance & Build-up - GSTHero delivers the most quality results with its strong build-up. It has the ability to handle a high volume of data & multiple users.
  5. GSTHero ensures accuracy with minimum efforts & time-consumption.

How will GSTHero as a GSP help me with my GST Compliance?

GSTHero will immensely with your complete GST compliance rituals, including e-Way Bill, e-Invoices, GST Return Filing, advanced Reconciliation, and Invoice & data management.

The most important thing in GST is accuracy but accuracy can take up time and a lot of work. Here GSTHero does the job, by making your work simple, automated, less time consuming & yet highly accurate.

With user-friendly interface & the ability to handle volume & constantly changing GST trends, you will always stay ahead of time and work with GSTHero.

Will GSTHero support businesses and Tax Practitioners to learn & understand the working of a GSP?

GSTHero has a super dedicated support team that stays on their toes to help you wherever you require. The support team is prompt & prominent at helping training & educating the clients. 

GSTHero support will always be there to train & help the clients at the earliest & as long as needed.

GSTHero's dedicated support is available to clients through chat, call & e-mail, which is one of the most unique & salient features that make GSTHero different & better than others

Is GSTHero an ASP or a GSP?

GSTHero is an ASP & an authorized GSP. This makes GSTHero different from most GSPs in the market.

Being an ASP-GSP the scope of up-gradation & enhancement of services expands, & thus we are always able to deliver the best services to you.

An ASP that is also a GSP such as GSTHero, can deliver to you the fastest, more advanced & more secure performance experience whilst being authorized & up-to-date with the GSTN.