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Get advance solution for different stages in e-Invoicing

It helps you to generate IRN seamlessly without disrupting your current business processes using an advanced cloud-based e-invoicing solution. It integrates with your billing system in multiple ways and can work seamlessly with your current billing software.

E-invoicing guide

Avoid the discrepancies in the ITC claim and reconcile your data in a smart way

Taxpayers receiving notices from the government regarding discrepancies between the amount claimed in GSTR 3B and the amount as uploaded by suppliers in GSTR 2A need to reconcile the data and make corrections to previously filed documents. 

ITC Recociliation guide

Do unbiased GST audit before get penalized

To avoid the future penalties based on your current outstanding liabilities, GST auditing tool help decision makers to analyze business's financial health and show red flags to the discrepancies spotted in the GST return filing.

ThirdEye Guide