About Us

GSTHero™ was launched in 2017 by Perennial Systems. The same time Perennial Systems became the first GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) in Pune. What started as a 10 member team today is 150+ strong.


Part of a
$100mn group 

Team Strength

International Offices in 
USA & Singapore 


Our Foundation

How GSTHero™ was developed

Expertise In-house Chartered Accountants and Tax Professionals

Technology Technology Team

Support Dedicated Technical Customer Support Team

Our Journey

From 2006 till today

Perennial Systems was founded in 2006. For the last decade we worked on many projects in the financial sector. 

Our deep experience in the financial world, gave us the confidence to launch GSTHero.

From the start our goal was always to simplify complex real world problems with information technology. We are still pursuing that goal.

Every day we ask ourselves, how do we take complex technology and make it simple and useful for our clients?  (make this quote big)

approved suvidha provider certificate
ISO certified certificate
safe to host certificate

Frequently Asked Questions on GSTHero ERP Integration

What is GSTHero? How was GSTHero Established?

GSTHero is a part of Perennial Systems which is a $100mn group company, established in 2006 & has served is clients efficiently while blooming into the huge organization that it is now.

With the help of our expert Tax Professionals, CAs, Tech-experts & prompt support team we have established GSTHero to serve our clients with the best that we have to simplify the very complicated GST compliance.

We have a vivid base of happy & loyal clients who choose to stay by our side for our top-notch services.

What is the vision & mission of GSTHero?

Here at GSTHero, we believe that happy clients reap a happy business & so, we keep developing and getting better every day in order to offer the best to our clients.

We believe in supporting the client with all of their needs in complying with the provisions of GST. Our expert development teams keep coming up with fresh & more innovative ideas adding new features & modules to the software to make GST simple for you.

And the support teams are always available for clients regardless of the volume

Is GSTHero a People-centric company?

Yes, GSTHero is a fully people-centric company driven by the ideas, suggestions & hard work of our people.

GSTHero cares about all of its hardworking stake-holders just as much as its clients.And to keep them motivated & energetic we keep engaging them into entertaining activities such as picnics, treks, indoor competitions & many more.

As Richard Branson rightly quoted, "Take care of your employees & they will take care of your business"

After all, the employees are the company!

What is GSTHero's commitment to its client?

GSTHero's commitment to its clients is simple but robust- For the GST Compliance burden, we got your back firmly.

With our ever-evolving, advanced & sturdy software, prompt support & backend teams we ensure that the GST compliance burden falls on us & not our clients.

We mean it when we say that we make life simple by making GST simpler for our clients.

There is only one Boss. The Client. - Travis Biggert

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