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Join the ranks of over 10,000 global companies who have achieved 100% compliance with GST Hero's E-Invoicing Solution. GST Hero provides the ultimate business solution to your e-invoicing need.

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Why Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) is introducing E-Invoicing

Manual Invoicing Vs. E-Invoicing

E-invoicing is a digital approach to invoicing that streamlines the exchange of invoices between buyers and sellers, offering ultra-efficiency and incredible transparency over traditional paper-based or PDF-based invoices.

Want To Learn More About E-Invoicing in Malaysia? Here's a Comprehensive Guide.

The GSTHero® Business Advantage

What GST Hero's E-Invoicing
Solution Can Do For Your Business!

GSTHero® is an intelligent middleware solution provider since 2017. Our e-invoicing solution provides
meaningful value to businesses - from cost savings to faster payment cycle - our solution can help
your business with increased profitability, cost savings and working capital.


Savings in Cost

Experience Increase in Profitability


Process Efficiency

Observe Increase in Process Efficiency


Accurate Compliance

Eliminate Compliance Risk due to inaccuracies


On-Time Compliance

Eliminate Delays with on-time compliance



Assured Business Continuity


Faster Payment Cycle

Increase in Working Capital


Shipment Cost Savings

Increase in Profitability

The Impact of GSTHero® on Your Business

Why GSTHero® is the Preferred
Choice of Businesses

GST Hero® is not just an e-invoice solution provider. It is a holistic automated business solution from reputation protection, to analytics to business process standardization and efficiency, it is a complete solution.

Brand and Reputation

Pure Data

Smart Analytics
and Dashboard Access

High Volume
Handling Capability


Supplier Relationship Improvement

Stringent Data


The Impact of GSTHero® on Your Business

What you will get with GSTHero

Over 1 billion e-invoices have been processed till date by GSTHero®. The solution is robust with capacity to handle high volume and loaded with features developed through customer research and feedback.

Multiple Data
Validation Checks

Duplicate E-Invoice

Access to

Bulk Generation

Support Team


Integration with 
any ERP

Single Dashboard
for all E-Invoice

Supercharging your E-Invoice Process

How GSTHero® Works!

GST Hero’s middleware solution acts as a bridge between a business's internal systems and the IRB's platform. It converts invoices to the required format, ensures seamless integration, and provides real-time data transmission for verification.

Malaysia Regulatory Updates

Malaysia's e-Invoice Rollout Dates

1st August, 2024

Taxpayers with annual
turnover of RM 100 million+

1st January, 2025

Taxpayers with annual
turnover of RM 25 million+

1st July, 2025

All other taxpayers

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GST Hero E-Invoicing will help you in :

  1. Auditability & Traceability
  2. Faster Vendor Dispute Resolution
  3. Increase Overall Transparency
  4. Enhanced Reconciliation

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which e-invoicing solution is recommended for businesses operating in Malaysia?

GSTHero is the ideal solution for effortless and secure e-invoicing in Malaysia.

Key benefits include:

  1. 100% IRBM Compliance
  2. Individual Support to Prevent Technological Obstacles
  3. Easy ERP Integration
  4. Bulk Generation - processing speed of 8 million records in 40 minutes.
  5. Tested Automation Solution
  6. Faster Generation and Cancellation

Is it advisable to start issuing E-invoices in Malaysia effective from June 1, 2024?

It depends on the turnover of your business. Here’s the implementation timeline for your reference:
1st August 2024: E-invoicing will be in effect for taxpayers with an annual revenue/turnover of more than RM 100 million.
1st January 2025: E-invoicing will be in effect for taxpayers with an annual revenue/turnover of more than RM 25 million and within RM 100 million.
1st July 2025: It will be in effect for all taxpayers (small, medium, or large).

What framework will govern the e-invoicing system in Malaysia?

The Peppol Framework will be the leading solution in managing the e-invoicing system in Malaysia. Any software businesses use for e-invoicing in Malaysia will need to be Peppol-certified software.

How can I initiate the adoption of e-invoicing in Malaysia for my business?

For effortless and IRB-compliant adoption, it’s best to get assistance from a Peppol-certified e-invoicing solution provider in Malaysia. Such providers will ensure that your transition from traditional to electronic invoicing happens without any hassles and meets the standards of the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM).

Is e-invoicing compulsory across all sectors in Malaysia?

E-invoicing in Malaysia is only mandatory for B2B, B2C, and B2G transactions. Refer to this to learn about parties that are exempt from e-invoicing.