ERP Integration

Why ERP Integration

GST Readiness Index – You are GST Ready if you can

As per, in the evolving environment of the new GST regime it is envisioned that the GST Suvidha Providers (GSP) concept is going to play a very important and strategic role. It is the endeavour of GSTN to build the GSP eco-system, ensure its success by putting in place an open, transparent and participative framework for capable and motivated enterprises and entrepreneurs.

GSTHero - Easy Integration with ANY ERP Software

ERP systems alone often don’t meet the requirements of GST. From ERP or Accounting Systems to Your E-Commerce Platform, GSTHero allows you to extract extensive data from any legacy or host system(s) seamlessly integrating and uploading into our web-based solution. Eliminating the tedious work and complexity, enabling users to streamline their GST tax compliance process, saving time, reducing errors, and cutting costs. GSTHero is compatible with all renowned ERP softwares like Oracle, Microsoft, Busy, Tally, Marg etc and the integration is just too simplified. See how your customers can benefit with GSTHero's easy online GST return filing.

No system configuration required

No need to upgrade your existing ERP softwares

Supports ALL renowned ERP Softwares

How the GSTHero connectors will work?

See our brief Architecture for the Client-side System Integration

Connectors ensure seamless data flow

Export data from Tally to GSTHero using GSTHero Tally Connector

Export Excel from GSTHero to Tally and update your ledgers

Track status of data flow