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Steps to Map Ledgers through Tally Plug-in


Go to Ledger mapping in GSTHero Tally TCP (Plug-in).


Select the ledger that you want to map to certain tables in GSTR 9

Table No.

Particulars of the Table

What it means?



Details of Turnover declared in audited Annual Financial Statements with turnover declared in GSTR 9 Annual Return

This table required reconciling turnover as per books of accounts and GSTR 9 Annual Return. Any difference may be reported in Table 5R

Various ledgers from ERP which includes data for advances (opening and closing balance), sales made during VAT applicability (Apr 17- Jun 17), foreign exchange details, trade discounts, unbilled revenue, turnover under composition scheme, etc. may be used as reference for this section

Example 1

Table 5A - Turnover (including exports) as per audited financial statements for the State / UT

All sales ledgers for the period Apr 17 to Mar18 shall be mapped here (including VAT sales).

Example 2

Table 5C – Unadjusted advances at the end of the year

Closing balance of advances received ledger/s.

Example 3

Table 5G - Turnover for April 2017 to June 2017

Sales ledgers for Apr 17 to Jun 17 may be mapped here

Example 4

Table 5N – Adjustments in turnover due to foreign exchange fluctuations

Foreign exchange fluctuation ledgers affecting sales may be mapped here


Reconciliation of taxable turnover

This section reconciling only taxable turnover with GSTR 9 i.e. all sales on which no tax has been paid may be reduced.

Refer ledgers in ERP that include values for nil, non-GST, exempt and zero rated supplies

Example 5

Table 7B – Value of Exempted, Nil Rated, Non –GST Supplies, No supply turnover

Ledgers for nil rated sales, non-gst sales, no supply sales, exempt sales may be mapped here

Example 6

Table 7C – Zero rated supplies without payment of tax

Ledgers for exports, deemed exports, SEZ sale on which no tax has been paid may be mapped here


Reconciliation of net Input tax credit

ITC availed as per books of accounts may be reconciled with GSTR 9. This section also required details for any ITC claimed in previous or subsequent years

Refer purchases, debit / credit notes for purchases and all expenses ledgers on which tax may have been paid and ITC on the same have been availed.

Example 7

Table 12A – ITC availed as per Audited Financial Statements for the State/ UT

Ledgers like purchases, expenses (insurance, commission, labour charges, rent paid etc) on the basis of which input tax credit may have availed may be mapped here


Reconciliation of ITC declared in Annual Return (GSTR 9) with ITC availed on expenses as per Audited Financial Statement or books of accounts

All expenses including purchases on which input tax credit has been availed (excluding ineligible ITC) may be reconciled here with GSTR 9 ITC availed values

Refer ledgers like purchases, insurances, repair and maintenance, royalties, power and fuel, etc. on which GST has been paid. Such values reconcile with GSTR 9

Example 8

14A – Purchases

All GST purchase ledgers may be mapped here

Example 9

14 D – Imported goods

All ledgers showing imports under GST including SEZ purchase may be mapped here

Example 10

14E – Rent and insurance

Rent paid and insurance premium paid ledgers on which GST is applicable may be mapped here