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Updated on February 9th, 2024

Are you A Tax Professional or A person who is looking into GST Filing? If yes, you already aware of frequent changes in GST Compliance to make it better and smoother day by day.

But the fact is being A Tax Professionals how much efforts you put in, how much data you prepare and analyse for GST Return Filing. One thing which is crystal clear to all of us that we need to have Best GST Filing Software to handle this much of load, error free, faster, simpler and scalable solution.

Read this post till end to know how to choose GST Filing Software and what things you need to look into it.

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Goods and Service Tax (GST) was introduced by Government from July, 2017. With the introduction of GST, other indirect taxes like VAT, excise duty and service tax were abolished. 

With the introduction of GST, Government also came up the concept of appointing authorized GST Service Provider (GSP). Applications were invited from interested businesses who would help Government with providing software to comply with GST provisions in a simplified manner. The purpose of authorizing such GSP’s was to have compliance with minimum errors or obstacles.

At present, there are 51 authorized GST Service Providers (GSP that provide GST software for GST return filing and other compliances. Initially, the number was way more than 51 but some of the GSPs have been delisted. Thus, one must be careful while selecting any GST software.

With the ever changing and dynamic nature of GST, need for GST software for businesses and Chartered Accountants for managing GST related compliances is identified. Before selecting any GST software provided, one must check for the following features -

Features to look into GST Filing Software


100% Compliance With New GST Updates:

In an ever changing GST environment where new forms are introduced or existing forms are regularly updated/ amended, a software shall be flexible enough to provide such updates quickly along with providing help to its customers to understand such changes/ updates related to GST.

While selecting a software, this shall be kept in mind as an outdated software shall be of no use either to the business or CA.

As a GST Suvidha Provider GSTHero is 100% compliant with all latest changes in GSTR 1, GSTR 3B, GSTR 9 and GSTR 9C. 


Reconciliation of GSTR 2A With Purchases:In GST, to avail input tax credit, one essential step is to reconcile business’s purchase data with data uploaded by the supplier.

Reconciliation of purchases is a lengthy and time consuming process especially in cases where the data large and invoices to be matched run in thousands.

A GST return filing software that provides reconciliation feature can reconcile such data within minutes and also segregate invoices data into matched, mismatch and missing invoices which enables quick resolution.

While selecting a GST software, one must look for reconciliation feature so that a 100% input tax credit can be availed.


Identify and Notify GST Defaulting Suppliers to Save Tax Losses:Under GST, a business has to reconcile its purchases with details uploaded by its suppliers. During such process, defaulting suppliers are identified.

A mechanism to notify such defaulting suppliers through the software makes the process easier and also saves time. It also ensures that defaulting suppliers are notified immediately.

GSTHero enables you automated features with which you can identify GST Defaulting Suppliers and notify them.

Identify GST defaulting suppliers ( GST फाइल ना करनेवाले सप्लायर्स को 2 मिनट में ढूंढे)


Better and Quicker Support:The introduction of GST brought a new line of queries and challenges from businesses and CA’s that need to be addressed. Such queries require quick resolution to ensure timely filing of the returns.

Thus, while selecting a software one must ensure it has a good knowledge based support team to assist in solving queries quickly without any causing hindrance in compliance. Such quick resolution of queries leads to cost and resource saving for the businesses.


Simplified and User Friendly Interface:
One important feature for any software selection is the ease with which a user can browse through the software and understand the status of various returns from the dashboard. The dashboard shall give transparency in reporting and enable to perform a task in the minimum number of possible clicks.


Integration with Existing ERP:
Every business whether large or small has an existing system / ERP for maintaining its books of accounts.

It is not feasible to enter data twice - once in ERP and then in GST software. In such cases, the GST software shall be able to integrate with existing ERP to extract data needed for filing of GST returns.

GSTHero already integrated with India's top ERP's like Tally, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Busy, Marg & Others


Access from Anytime, Anywhere (Cloud Based):
A software shall be such that may accessed from anywhere and anytime. There should not be restriction of having to carry desktop everywhere you go or office timings. A cloud based software enables you view your account status anytime, anywhere.

GSTHero itself a cloud base GST Return Filing Solution, so that you can file all of your GST Return's at any time from anywhere.


Availability of Multiple Reports:
For all round GST compliance and ensuring accurate filing of GST returns as per the books of accounts and comparison with various GST returns, a user / business requires multiple reports that are required to be prepared.

WIth the use of GST return filing software, one can prepare or download the required reports in a matter of few minutes or few clicks.

A GST software may also be selected on the basis of reports provided and solution provided to various reporting requirements required for filing GST returns timely and accurately.

GSTHero Provides Following Reports Required for GST Filing-

GSTR 1 Annual Reconciliation
GSTR 2A reconciliation
Supplies and Amendments Reports
GSTR 1 Month wise & Multi-month wise
GSTR 2A Month wise & Multi-month wise
GSTR 3B Month wise & Multi-month wise

One Stop Scalable Solution:
Businesses today are located at multiple locations not only within the State but also across States in the country. In such situations, there are multiple registrations and returns are required to be filed for all these registrations.

Keeping a track of all locations and its compliances with the number of returns to be filed in a year is difficult without the help of software.

A software must have the ability to send auto reminders for upcoming due dates for filing returns to ensure timely compliance and ensure that no due dates are missed that may result in extra cost to the business.

For your information GSTHero can handle and process 1 Million entries within  the span of 30 min very smoothly.


Data Security: 
In today’s competitive world, security of data is of utmost important. The environment in which data is stored should be secured against data leakage and unauthorised intrusion. Thus, a GST return filing software shall be secured in protecting data.

GSTHero has 7 Layers data security as it is one of the primary requirement to have GST Suvidha Provider title. We have 24 x 7 log monitoring and threat hunting along with continuous vulnerability assessment. 

We have listed all the features that one must look for in GST return filing software. Along with this one must also look at the price of the software and compare the cost of the software to the benefits received from the use.

A GST software that eases GST compliance, saves time and ensures complete reporting required under GST may be selected even if priced little higher than other softwares that may be present in the market.

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