e invoice generation in Tally
Gaurav Yadav

Updated on February 9th, 2024

Since the introduction of the e-invoicing system in the GST structure, it has been nothing but a success.

Consistent improvements in the e-invoicing process and the portal are an addition to the efforts being made to simplify the e-invoicing generation process.

However, there have been various issues that are being faced by the taxpayers while the generation of their e-Invoices.

In this article, we will discuss the process to generate e-Invoice in Tally using the GSTHeroTally connector.

This process will be fast, simple, time-saving, and cost-effective.

We have answers to all questions related to e-invoice generation in Tally.

Stick till the end & learn a fantastic approach for the e-Invoice generation and save your time to enjoy your life a bit more!

What is the Problem with Traditional e-Invoice Generation?

e invoice generation process
Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.

Well, staying true to the above-quoted maxim let me involve you in the real-time problems of the traditional e-Invoicing methods used. And what would be better than an example you won’t forget!

Let us take a case of a businessman ‘Jethalal’.

Jethalal owns a business whose annual aggregate turnover exceeds 500 Crore. Hence, he must practice e-Invoicing.

For the e-Invoicing process, the accountant of Jethalal (let us call him Natu Kaka) has to follow the following steps:

  • Manually create the e-Invoices on the Government Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) corresponding to each of his invoices generated in his Tally software.
  • The format of the schema in which the IRP portal takes the input is fixed. Hence the accountant (Natu Kaka) has to upload every single invoice in the prescribed format on the Government Servers multiple times. Well, it’s a tedious task!
  • Natu Kaka has to be aware of all the GST Compliance rules while uploading his data. As the compliance rules are dynamic & keep on changing he has to also keep himself up-to-date with the latest GST Compliance Rules.

Ab Akele Natu Kaka kya kya karenge!  🙁

In this process, where a business has to deal with bulk invoices there are some of the following issues which he faces:
  • High probability of error-introduction due to manual entries of invoices
  • Time-consuming task
  • Constant tracking of ever-changing GST laws
  • Higher costs are incurred as you need separate solutions for GST Returns Filing, E-Way Billing & e-Invoice generation
  • Chance of attracting heavy penalties if your solution is not compliant with the latest GST Laws
  • Your existing solution does not integrate well with your existing ERP (Tally in most cases)
Ab Jethalal Kare Toh Kare Kya, Bole Toh Bole Kya ?

But you need not worry at all about these issues.

Because we at GSTHero have rolled out an amazing solution that will address all the problems a business could face during the e-Invoice generation in Tally & e-way billing.

GSTHero Tally Connector- Making e-Invoice Generation Simple!

GSTHero’s Tally Connector is the Solution!

e invoice in tally
GSTHero’s Tally Connector is the ultimate solution for an alternative to the long process businesses have to go through for generating a simple e-Invoice.

Now with GSTHero’s Tally Connector, you can directly generate your e-Invoice from the Tally System itself. You need not visit the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) even once for the generation of your invoice.

This feature comes in handy when:

  • There are invoices in bulk which you need to get authenticated from the Invoice Registration Portal. This may be a time-consuming task with a high probability of human errors.
  • When you want to automate your e-Invoice generation from your Tally system itself.
  • To double-check the data on the Tally system for mismatched records or some garbage values introduced in the books of accounts.

GSTHero has always made improvements for making the GST filing system easier for the taxpayers.

GSTHero Tally Connector is one such product rolled out by GSTHero to help you integrate with Tally for e-Invoice & e-Way Bill generation in a super-fast way with a flawless performance & time-optimization model.

With GSTHero’s Tally Connector you can:

  • Generate
  • Cancel
  • Edit
  • Print all your e-Invoices without worrying about any compliance violations.
How do I Install this GSTHero Tally Connector in Tally?
Tally connector
GSTHero Tally Connector

I’ll divide this process into two major parts:

  • Attaching the tcp file of GSTHero Connector in Tally.
  • Integrating & Authenticating GSTHero connector in Tally.

Get E-Invoicing Ready

GSTHero e-invoicing software - Easiest and fastest way to generate e-invoice

First things first; let me show you some simple steps to install the in the Tally software.

Firstly we have to install the GSTHero Connector file in our Tally System:

 Attaching the tcp file  of GSTHero Connector in Tally

e invoice tally tcp
In this process, I’ll show you a simple operation you need to perform to put your GSTHero Tally connector in your Tally System.

You’ll have to download our GSTHero Connector TCP file from here 

Now follow the process given below:

 Step1: Click on the F12:Configure tab from Gateway of Tally.
e invoice in tally
 Step2: Now click on the 'Product and Features’ option.
e invoice tally erp
 Step3: Now click on F4: Manage Local TDL’ option.
tally e invoice
 Step4: Now enable the ‘Load TDL’ option by entering yes.
tally e invoicing
 Step5: Add the location of the downloaded GSTHero connector file.
e invoice solution
For example: C:\Users\gaurav\Downloads\GSTHero_Tally_e-Invoice\GSTHero e-Invoice\E_Invoice_1.04.06_Live.tcp

NOTE: The downloaded file will be in the .zip format. You’ll have to extract this .zip file in your current folder. Then from the extracted folder, you’ll find the .tcp file which is to be uploaded on the Tally system.

After successful upload of the .tcp file, you’ll see the GSThero’s e-invoicing option in the Gateway.
e invoicing under GST

Integrating & Authenticating GSTHero connector in Tally

 Step-1: Integrating GSTHero Tally Connector in Tally
e-invoicing generation

From the list, as shown in the image, click on the 'GSTHero E-Invoice’ option.

 Step-2: Authenticating your login credentials
After clicking on the GSTHero E-Invoice’ option, you’ll see two options:
  • GSTHero Site Login
  • IRP Site Login.
e invoice in tally

Get E-Invoicing Ready

GSTHero e-invoicing software - Easiest and fastest way to generate e-invoice

Let us first look at the first option:

GSTHero Site Login:
Here, you’ll have to provide your login credentials for your GSTHero product which we will provide you.
e invoice login

Once you have successfully entered the username & password, you’ll see an authentication message as shown below.

e invoice
Now, press Enter to proceed.

IRP Site Login:

You’ll have to enter the e-Invoice Portal login details here. These details are the same which you enter on your IRP, for the generation of e-Invoices.
e invoice generation in tally
You’ll get an ‘Authentication Complete’ message once you accept the change by clicking on Yes.

In this way, the GSTHero Connector will be calibrated with your Tally System.

Now, you can start the e-Invoice Generation.

e-Invoice Generation directly from Tally?

With GSThero’s Tally Connector you can generate your e-Invoices directly from Tally and you need not visit the IRP portal even once.

NOTE: You can start the process only after you have logged in to both your GSTHero account & your IRP account.

To understand the e-Invoice Generation process in a very easy manner, we have a dedicated video to explain this process with complete details.

You can find these videos,

e-Invoice & e-Way Bill Generation

Bulk e-Invoice Generation

You'll be able to easily generate e-invoices from your Tally System using our super-fast GSTHero Tally Connector.

You’ll get a standard e-Invoice as shown below:

The e-Invoice will have a valid & unique IRN & QR code authenticated by the government’s IRP platform.

tally e invoice generation

What makes our Tally Connector so Awesome?

e invoicing solution
Well, let me state some features of our Tally connector and these features will speak for themselves.
Some prominent features include:
  • Easy to integrate & operate with Tally. (Because Simple is the new sophisticated!)
  • 100 % compliant with latest GST laws & Rules
  • Smooth & flawless processing of large + varied data volume.
  • Quick implementation & quicker go-live performance.
  • 7-layer of data security to avoid misuse of your valuable credentials.

These are some of the broader features which make our Tally Connector one of its kind.

Get E-Invoicing Ready

GSTHero e-invoicing software - Easiest and fastest way to generate e-invoice

Now, let me go into detail with the technical advantages of Tally Connector of GSTHero

  • 1-Click e-Invoice Generation From Tally
  • Bulk Generation & Cancellation
  • No visit required at govt. e-Invoice portal
  • Print Invoice with QR Code and IRN No.
  • Auto-Accounting of purchase invoices directly into ERP
  • Auto-Data fill for GSTR Filing and E-Way Bill
  • e-invoicing help menu within Tally
  • TCP New version and updates within Tally
Wait, we have some more interesting features to show you.
  • Generate e-Invoice from Sales, Export Sales, Credit Note, Debit Note & JV
  • Get QR Code, IRN No & Barcode in the tax invoice
  • Generate e-Invoice along with e-Way Bill Part A & Part B
  • 1-click e-Invoice & e-Way Bill cancellation from Tally and Govt. Portal
  • Multi-GSTIN support (company having single GSTIN data but using multiple GSTIN for invoicing)
  • Direct export-import e-Invoice data from Excel in GSTHero format.
  • Bulk e-Invoice print from GSTHero reports.
  • Bulk Cancellation of e-Invoice along with an e-Way bill from GSTHero reports
  • Contact registers Excel export-import option.

Report Generation by GSTHero’s Tally Connector

You will get an auto-generated E-Invoice report containing Sales Register, DR/CR Register & JV Entries.

This will help businesses to maintain all their records in one place, which may reduce the possibility of records getting missed.

Businesses can now:

  • Apply filter for Generated, Pending, Erroneous and Cancelled e-Invoices.
  • Filter/ Find invoices Party wise, Voucher Number wise, Voucher types, Voucher date, Voucher Amount & Party GSTIN wise

GSTHero also allows you to maintain a detailed report of your ‘Deleted’ invoices as well.

GSTHero will maintain your invoice data for 8 years which is a beneficial facility as compared to the data holding period of the e-Invoice portal i.e. Invoice registration Portal (IRP) which is about 48 hours.

GSTHero’s 3 in 1 Solution !

GSTHero’s Tally Connector will work as a 3 in 1 solution to cater to all your business needs in one place.
  • No need to visit multiple government portals
  • No more Manual entry making
  • No more errors
  • No more penalties

Say bye-bye to all the accounting and GST Return Filing problems with this 3 in 1 solution.

1. GST Filing made simple

gst return filing
Businesses can now claim maximum Input Tax Credit with Invoice wise Provisional Credit Management.

Apart from GST return, the businesses will have access to a strong vendor communication feature which will help businesses notify the reconciliation reports to vendors with a single click.

2. e-Way Bill Generation made simple

e way bill

Now, generate your E-way bill directly from your ERP (Tally, in this case).

All the E-Way bills will be generated with government authenticated QR code as well as bar code in one go so that your business transportation goes on flawlessly.

3. e-Invoice generation

e invoice generation
Generate/Cancel/Modify your invoice right from your Tally system with a single click and all in one place.

Validate & print your e-Invoices authenticated with the QR code & the IRN number directly provided by the government’s IRP portal.

Need a Demo of this feature?

For more details, get in touch. We will be more than happy to clear all your doubts.

Email us at info@gsthero.com  

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e-Invoice General integration
e invoice generation

Generate complete and ready-to-use

e-Invoices in just

1-click !

Generate e-Invoices directly from your ERP Hassle-free

  • Within minutes, integrate with Tally
  • No visit required at govt. e-Invoice portal
  •  Interlink with GSTR 1 and Built customize report
  • Print e-Invoice with QR Code and IRN

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