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Gaurav Yadav

Updated on February 9th, 2024

GST Defaulting Suppliers - A threat to your business

GST defaulting suppliers can be a major roadblock for businesses and may badly affect their working capital. GST verification is the important process is discussed in our article what problem face during  completion of process? what solution is needed to over come, we briefly answer these questions.

Cash flow of the businesses gets affected wen your suppliers show irregularities in their GSTR-1 filings.

Statistics from the previous years suggests that losses due to defaulting suppliers could be as much as 7% of the working capital of large companies having sales of over ₹500 Cr. This figure could be much worse for mid-level and small-scale companies.

That is the reason why identifying bogus or defaulting suppliers becomes necessary for the businesses.

This can be achieved by simple online GST verification on the GST portal.

What are problem faced during GST verification?

Businesses must verify their suppliers before getting into any deals or transactions.

How do I verify the Supplier 

There are 2 ways to verify your supplier:

1. Using GSTIN information of the supplier

2. GST verification by PAN card details of the business or supplier

GST Verification : Solution

In this detailed video we have discussed the complete GST verification process in few simple steps.

Follow the steps discussed in the video for GST online verification to verify the GSTIN details of your supplier:

Risks of dealing with a GST defaulting supplier

To summarise...

It's essential for the businesses to identify bogus suppliers and genuine suppliers so that they do not have to face any negative implications in the future.

Dealing with a defaulting supplier can invite a GST audit by department and your working capital can also take a heavy blow.

Hence, businesses are advised to take all the precautionary measures to prevent dealing with a defaulting or a bogus supplier.

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