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e-Invoicing under GST
Dear Taxpayers, Are you looking for detail guide on e-Invoicing API. then your wait is end here ! Read this article to understand the need & deed for e-Invoicing API.  There has been an increase in taxpayer onboarding on the e-Invoicing system from the financial year 2021-22.

With an increase in e-Invoicing subscribers, businesses are now looking for an e-Invoicing solution, which can be fast and automated.

Small businesses whose invoices are less in number can quickly generate the e-Invoices manually from the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP).

However, for businesses of medium & large sizes, it is practically challenging and time-consuming to generate e-Invoices on IRP portal for a large number of transaction invoices for this business.

For such medium & large businesses, the government has allowed Direct API Integration based e-Invoicing under GST. It is feasible for medium & large businesses and for all the small & micro enterprises who want to ease their e-Invoicing process.

This article will guide you through the essential details about the e-Invoice API integration for e-Invoicing.

What is an e-Invoicing API?

API Stands for Application Programming Interface

API is a technical term and can be challenging to understand for some taxpayers.

Let us readily understand this term.

APIs function as a communication channel between the following two entities: Taxpayers & IRP OR  GSPs & IRP

APIs work as a bridge between taxpayers and the e-Invoicing system to facilitate data exchange between the taxpayers and the IRP portal.

Any business eligible for e-Invoicing under GST can use these APIs.

But the critical point to note is that he has to get these e-Invoicing API from a government-appointed GST Suvidha Provider like GSTHero.

Later in the article, we will see different types of e-Invoice API integration available for the taxpayers.

Pre-requisites for e-Invoicing API Integration

To use the API for e-Invoicing, there are specific arrangements to be in place. For successful e-Invoicing API Integration, the following conditions should be met:
  • Businesses must have adequate internet bandwidth to connect to the e-Invoicing system.
  • The taxpayer must have a pre-production system environment to test the Integration.
  • The invoice generation system or the billing software used by the business should be automated.
  • The taxpayers must strictly adhere to the IT Act, 2000
  • The system at the taxpayer’s end must support Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with a minimum prescribes version of TLS 1.2.
Now, API Integration can be classified into two major types. In the article, we will discuss both these types in detail.

Types of e-Invoicing API Integration

API Integration is broadly classified into two different types:
  • Direct API Integration
  • GSP API Integration

What is 'Direct API Integration' for e-Invoicing under GST?

e Invoicing API

The GST Network has allowed direct API access for the taxpayers who have the prescribed turnover.

To directly use these APIs, the taxpayer needs to follow the simple steps shown below:

Step 1

Firstly, test the API integration on the pre-production system. This testing should be done according to the parameters prescribed in the Sandbox portal developed by GSTN.

Step 2

Post API testing, the successful and failure cases must be uploaded to the test result template.

Step 3

The test results should then be sent to The taxpayer should use his registered e-mail id to send the result template.

Step 4

With the test result template, the taxpayer should also send the IP addresses which the taxpayer wishes to use for further operations. The e-Invoice portal can allow a maximum of 4 IP addresses to be whitelisted for the API integration.

Step 5

The taxpayer must also provide the contact number of the person or team who will be handling the technical end and the integration process.

Step 6

After a thorough evaluation, the APIs shall be provided to that particular business by the e-Invoice API portal.

From the steps provided above, it may seem a bit tedious process to get the e-Invoicing APIS directly.

Many businesses are not ready to invest so much time getting the e-Invoice APIs directly from the portal.

That is why many businesses prefer the other type of API integration, i.e., GSP API Integration.

What is GSP API Integration for e-Invoicing under GST?

GST e Invoicing API

What is a GSP?

  • GSP stands for ‘GST Suvidha Provider.'
  • The government appoints GSPs to provide the GST services directly to the taxpayers and the businesses.
  • When business files any GST return through a GSP's solution, he has no reason to worry about the compliances issues as the GSPs like GSTHero are always 100% compliant with the rules and regulations of GST.
  • GSPs like GSTHero are authorized to provide e-Invoicing APIs to businesses and taxpayers.
  • GSP API Integration

    GSP is the most accessible medium for businesses to access the APIs required for e-Invoicing under GST.

    The advantage of getting APIs from the GSP like GSTHero is that these APIs are modified with advanced features.

    These APIs can directly be used with the existing ERPs of the taxpayers to connect to the IRP portal directly.

    The taxpayer will now generate e-Invoice directly from the ERP without even once visiting the IRP portal.

    GSTHero’s e-Invoicing APIs

    GSTHero has a wide range of APIs that can ease your e-Invoicing journey.

    Why is GSTHero’s APIs the right choice for your business?

    • Easy ERP Integration- Smooth Integration with Tally, Sap, Busy, Marg, and other ERPs.
    • GSTIN Validation - Access GSTIN validation and more than 50 other required checkpoints.
    • Data Security - Provides end-to-end data encryption for a 100% secured user environment.
    • API Report & Metering - Real-time report of API usage for GST returns and E-Way Bill.
    • Excellent API Uptime About 99% API up-time and sound API support while accessing API services of GSTHero.
    As GSTHero is a Government-appointed & recognized GST Suvidha Provider, you don't have to worry about any compliance issues.

    Interested in GSTHero’s APIs?

    Let’s connect and show you the demo of our e-Invoicing solutions.


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